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Scholarater.com was originally started in 2014 as a one-stop shop application for scholarship aid and assistance worldwide. Our mission is to assist with college scholarship application and financing. The process in scholarater.com basically involves learning how to find scholarships, applying for scholarships, and wining the perfect scholarships for you. There are a lot of testimonials about us. A trial will convince you.

Why Choose Scholarater

Securing and financing college or university education can be very challenging. This is because it requires huge financing and is somewhat competitive. The acceptance rate of most prestigious universities is very low, and this is a discouraging factor. Thus, with scholarater, you can arrest this challenges. This is because, we are passionate about helping you gain admission into these colleges and universities. Also, we will help you secure scholarships that will cover your study expenses.

scholarship application process may be challenging, this is why scholarater.com is designed to help you with this.

This is why scholarater is a go-to source for students, parents and schools worldwide. With the information in this website, you can seamlessly navigate over all education-related challenges.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Assistance with information current Scholarships application model
  • Application for college and university
  • The visa application procedure (including student, work visa, EB-5 visa)
  • English language proficiency

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