My Walden Student Portal: Useful Guide 2022

mywalden student portal

My Walden student portal is a multi-purpose portal built for students of Walden University. Students sign in using their allotted Walden email address generated from Students can perform various tasks on the My Walden Student Portal such as fee payment, class scheduling, etc. Information on current scholarships can also be seen on the platform.

If you are experiencing trouble logging into MyWalden student portal, do the following troubleshoot:

  • You don’t have caps lock on.
  • Your email address is being entered correctly. Most students use the format for their email address; however, if your name is widely used, you might have a number added to your address to assist make your account more distinctive.

How to Login to MyWalden Student Portal

Follow these steps to log in:

  • Go to to sign in.
  • When you get to the homepage, navigate to the top of the page and click login
  • Select student.
  • Student enrolled in a course-based program, should click on MyWalden student portal.
  • Student enrolled in a competency-based program, use TEMPO student portal.
  • Type your myWalden email address here.
  • Next, type your password.
  • To access your  myWalden student portal, click Sign In.
  • Welcome to MyWalden student portal.
  • Access your academic and personal data.


login to my Walden student portal.

login to my Walden student portal

Is the Walden Student Portal Down

Sometimes, it happens that the Walden student portal is down. If you experience a downtime while trying to access the Walden student portal, do the following:

  • Troubleshoot your network to ensure it isn’t as a result of poor network connection,
  • Click here to monitor the status of the website/portal and check if it is down or not.

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Where can I get information on forms, paperwork, grades, bills, and transcripts?

Enter your Walden student portal username and password, then click the “Menu” button in the top left corner. For your convenience, there are three options available here. My Information is the first place you should go because it allows you to print a student ID, manage your password, check information on name changes, and more.

To request transcripts, examine your degree audit, and more, go to “My Education” next. Next, select “My Finances” to access financial documents, examine your financial aid account, manage your account and make payments, among other things.

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Where do I go to receive a student ID?

You can access your Walden student portal at the following address to print a duplicate of your student ID card:

  • Enter the myWalden portal.
  • In the upper left corner, click Menu.
  • Select the My information link under Quick Links.
  • Click Print Student ID under My Information on the left.

How to enroll in classes via the my walden student portal

What you must understand regarding registration

Access the registration portal

Some students are automatically enrolled in their first program classes. Before continuing with additional degree requirements, this course must be successfully completed.

  • Visit this website to access your course:
  • Log in to the portal.
  • Navigate to the section for Current Courses.
  • Choose the “Go To Classroom” link to be taken straight to the chosen course.

Login to walden Student Portal

Utilizing their Walden student portal, participants in self-register programs can sign up for courses. You must first login to your Walden student site before you can proceed.

  • Select Menu from the left-hand side of the page once you have logged into your portal.
  • Click Registration.
  • choose the link to View Degree Audit/Register for Class.
  • Select the right term for registration from the drop-down menu of offered terms. If you need help deciding which term you need, see the Academic Calendar in the Student Handbook or learn how to get in touch with a Student Success Advisor. Then click the Submit button.
  • Select your current program by clicking the blue link on the next page.
  • Scroll down to the link that says Register under the course of your choice on this screen, which is your Degree Audit screen.
  • On the following screen, choose the course checkbox and click Register. Choose the first section of a course that becomes accessible if there are multiple sections; they are all the same course, simply with various teachers who are probably not yet registered. You will to be fully signed up for the following quarter at this point.
  • Please take note that the page after asking you to confirm the course’s dates may really be for making changes to your account, not the course’s details. If you receive this warning, leave the dates as they are and click Submit Changes.
  • If you register after the deadline, order your materials right away and use the quickest shipping method offered. Additionally, let your instructor know that even though you enrolled late, you have already ordered your books, and they will be delivered soon. Call the Walden Bookstore directly if you’re having issues with your order.
  • If the course appears under the Future Courses area of your Academics page, your registration was successful.

How can I log into myWalden email?

Through the Walden student portal, you can access your Office 365 email account from Walden University.

  • Log in to my Walden student portal.
  • Click on the envelope icon located on the right side of the page.
  • Your emails will appear in a drop-down menu. To start Office 365, scroll to the bottom and select “Go To Your Inbox.”
  • You must set up your language and time zone the first time you connect into Office 365.
  • Your Office 365 account will now be open to you. You have access to Office 365 programs and your email.

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How can I change my e-mail for password recovery?

  1. Verify that the switch for the new portal dashboard is turned on.
  2. Go to My Walden student portal and log in.
  3. Check out the My Account tab.
  4. Select the Change My Password Recovery Email tab.
  5. You might have to enter your password again on the new page.
  6. Add a fresh phone number or email address.

What is the password for my unofficial transcript?

There are two ways to access unofficial transcripts through the myWalden student portal. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select the MENU symbol in the top left corner of your portal once you have logged in.
  2. Select the My Education link from the Quick Links button.
  3. You can click View Unofficial Transcript under My Education.

The Charlotte bot can be used to access it in a second way. If the Bursar has placed a hold on your account, you can utilize this to view your unofficial transcript. Please click the blue and white bird icon at the bottom of any student portal page to access the bot.

My Walden student finance aid portal

Walden student finance+ portal assist you keep tab of your financial status at “Waldenu”. With the Walden student finance portal, students can check their financial aid status and student account each term to make sure they are on track. Follow this link to visit the My Walden financial aid.

Walden University Profile (Waldenu)

Walden University, located in Nashville, Tennessee, was a historically black coeducational college. It was established as a freedmen’s school under the sponsorship of northern Methodist Episcopal Church missionaries.

“WaldenU” was founded in 1970 by two New York teachers, Bernie and Rita Turner, who wanted to provide a program for working adults and teachers to pursue doctorates. The first classes, primarily for school administrators, were held in Naples, Florida, during the summer of 1971. Students were able to form dissertation topics with their faculty partners during the initial classes before returning to work at their respective schools while completing their dissertations. At its first commencement in Naples in 1972, Walden conferred its first degrees: 46 PhDs and 24 EdDs.

WaldenU was granted permission by the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board to grant PhDs and EdDs in the state in 1979, and the school relocated its headquarters to Minneapolis in 1982. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools granted accreditation in 1990.

walden university student portal

Follow this link to access the Walden University Student Portal

You can also watch this YouTube video to learn how to login to MyWalden Student Portal.

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