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AMBOSS access scholarship

AMBOSS scholarship (also known as AMBOSS Access Scholarship) is a $2 million global education fund that helps medical students and professionals around the world access beneficial access to medical study package. The AMBOSS scholarship is intended to provide possibilities to students who are in desperate need of funding.

Applicants must be medical students or professionals who are either:

  1. In urgent need of some study packages necessary for the furtherance of their medical education; or
  2. Have faced long-standing significant financial barriers to their medical education.

With the AMBOSS scholarship, recipients will be given access to the AMBOSS Access Package comprising of AMBOSS:

  1. Library,
  2. Qbank, and
  3. Analysis features, including mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Mission of the AMBOSS Access Scholarship

The mission of AMBOSS is the empowerment of potential and future doctors. This is irrespective of their financial background.

The scholarship host believes that it is feasible to help all persons desirous of acquiring vital medical knowledge. AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program thus, gives support in form of resources to students and medical professionals.

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Why AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program

Reasons for the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program

The Global Education Fund was created to lessen the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the donor’s global community. It stands for an ongoing initiative to provide students with top-notch medical knowledge, empowering them to continue their medical education and provide the best care possible for their communities.

To submit an application for a scholarship, please complete the form on this page and briefly explain why you need an AMBOSS Access Scholarship. We regret that there are only a few full and partial scholarships available.

Scholarship Summary

Awarding Organization AMBOSS
Educational Level All Levels
Courses Relating to Medical and Healthcare
Scholarship Amount Study resources
Mode of Access Online
Number of Awards N/A
City N/A
Nationality N/A
Country N/A
Application Deadline September 3, Annually
Scholarship Application Fee N/A
Application Requirements Applicants must be medical students or professionals who are either:

  1. In urgent need of some study packages necessary for the furtherance of their medical education; or
  2. Have faced long-standing significant financial barriers to their medical education.

Fill the Scholarship Application Form Here

Fill this form to apply for an AMBOSS Access Scholarship

Please enter the Country in which you are attending (/attended) med school
Eligibility note: you must have an AMBOSS account to receive a scholarship. You can register your account for free on this page.

Please share some insights about your need for resource support, or any challenges you are experiencing (i.e. structural, financial, personal) to help us best understand your request and how AMBOSS can support your continued medical education and/or professional needs:
AMBOSS is offering these scholarships as an ongoing effort to act in solidarity with the global healthcare community. We will take this into consideration as we evaluate applications (please note: only a limited number of scholarships will be available and not all scholarship requests can be granted). Note: we will do our best to accommodate the amount of access you need; however, scholarships granted cannot be altered or exchanged.
For those of you who receive an AMBOSS Scholarship today, we encourage you to make an early commitment to empowering future doctors together with us tomorrow. For us, that means that when you are financially able, we’d ask you to consider giving back to the AMBOSS Scholars Fund and support generations of future students achieving their dreams. To be eligible to receive an AMBOSS Scholarship, please confirm that you are willing to be contacted about your scholarship as well as the Global Education Fund for the future.

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To apply for a scholarship, You must fill out the form on this page and provide some insight as to why you are seeking the support of an AMBOSS Access Scholarship. Please note, There is a limited number of full and partial scholarships available.

Become an AMBOSSador and help reshape the landscape of medical education

Do you want to join the AMBOSS Team and make a change? Become an AMBOSSador today. AMBOSSadors are a team of enthusiastic medical students (like you!) who partner with AMBOSS to promote the mission of AMBOSS. AMBOSSador share their insights and ideas about the AMBOSS platform and are the first to know about Beta tests, launches, new features, and general AMBOSS news.

AMBOSSadors also have the opportunity to work on projects at least 3 times annually and have the flexibility to choose the program that fits their schedules.

Benefits of the AMBOSSador Program:

Every AMBOSSador enyoys the following benefits:

  • Full, unlimited access to the AMBOSS Plus Qbank + Knowledge Library
  • Enrollment in the AMBOSSador Rewards Program (incl. gift cards and other perks)
  • Sponsored travel and co-working opportunities at our AMBOSS offices in New York City, USA and Berlin, Germany
  • Access to a global network of AMBOSSadors
  • Support from AMBOSS Community Team on any project you can dream up

AMBOSS Access Scholarships Frequently  Asked Questions and Answers

Please read the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) for details on Scholarship eligibility and delivery.

What is covered by an AMBOSS Access Scholarship?

  • A large percentage of the expenditures associated with the AMBOSS access package are covered by an AMBOSS Access Scholarship.
  • Extensions for already-awarded scholarships may be possible when we review the situation later this year, but they are not assured.

Am I eligible if I have never used AMBOSS and don’t have an account?

Only medical students and practitioners who have an AMBOSS account are eligible. So, before you make your scholarship application, ensure you have at least an AMBOSS trial account. AMBOSS scholarship team can only process your application once you create and verify your AMBOSS account.

I am already an AMBOSS user; am I eligible?

Yes – any physician or student currently or previously enrolled in a medical university is eligible to receive a scholarship. However, please read the limitations on extensions in the question below.

What if I’ve already purchased AMBOSS? What restrictions put on extensions?

Accounts that expires before September 30th, 2020 may apply for the AMBOSS scholarship to extend their access. However, note that the AMBOSS scholarship is primarily designed for students who are unable to procure AMBOSS now or in the nearest future. These students must exhibits that they are going through some financial challenge due to global economic impact or some other long-standing barriers.

How are selections for AMBOSS  Access Scholarships made?

Applicants have their peculiar financial challenges. Thus AMBOSS considers the unique situation of each applicant to determine whether they are qualified for the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program. In the selection process, the AMBOSS Team selects the students in a fair, equitable and empathetic way. There is no limit to the amount of scholarship given. Thus AMBOSS endeavors to confirm that everyone in dare need of the scholarship resources have it.

The donor has shown commitment in improving health and equitable access and medical knowledge worldwide. Applicants who are studying in low-income or third world countries are therefore given extra support and priority. AMBOSS scholarship also takes the form of providing health care facilities and crucial access in parts of the world with limited medical/health resources.

Thus, with little to no limitation, everyone desirous of additional medical resource support which they cannot afford may apply for AMBOSS Access Scholarship.

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What should I do if I applied but never got a confirmation email?

  • Check your spam folder and confirm that it isn’t there.
  • If it isn’t in your spam folder, then you may want to check your inbox for the date you submitted your scholarship application.
  • Also make sure that the application is sent to the correct email address (
  • If you still cannot find your email, please write to AMBOSS and the scholarship team can check the status.

NOTE: do not fill out the application multiple times before troubleshooting, as this can make it tricky to track down the status of your application.

When can I expect a response from you? Can I access the information now?

A high volume of application will be received by the AMBOSS. Therefore, you should allow the team some time to process and review each application before sending their report. Responses will be received within two weeks after the date of application or sooner. Applicants are also expected to frequently check their inbox for potential follow-up questions or interview request. These follow-up questions and interviews may be scheduled in a case-by-case bases to ascertain viability.

Do I have to do anything after I get the scholarship?

There is no added responsibility for AMBOSS scholarship recipients. The aim of the scholarship is to help students and medical practitioners gain access to medical knowledge-based resources.

Do I need to be a student to apply for AMBOSS Access Scholarship? I am a physician and need access.

The scholarship is designed for both students and medical professionals. Thus, AMBOSS also give access to physicians who show that they’re in urgent need of a scholarship. AMBOSS seeks to ensure that  all physician the relevant resources to collect accurate information on diagnoses, treatments, etc.

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